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Male, 43 years

Citizenship: Russia

Work experience

2 years 8 months

August 2021 — now

Avionics Engineer (B2, A, CRS)

Aviastar-TU, Novosibirsk

Line Station Engineer.

2 years 6 months

February 2019 — August 2021

Avionics Engineer (B2, A, CRS)

NW Technic LLC, Новосибирск

Line Station Engineer.
действующие допуска:
A330 (PW4000) -B2 / A
B737-600 / 700 / 800 / 900 (CFM56) -B2 / A
B757-200 / 300 (PW2000, RR RB211) - B2
B767-200 / 300 (PW4000, GE CF6) -B2 / A
B777-200 / 300 (GE90)/B2 / A

8 years 5 months

September 2010 — February 2019

Avionics Technician (B2, A, CRS)

Sibir-Technics LLC, Novosibirsk, Tolmachevo Airport

• Aircraft Line and Base Maintenance up to D-check on a / c types ATR42 / 72, CRJ-100 / 200, B737, B757, B767, A320fam
• Avionics Modifications (major & minor) on all above listed a / c types

2 years 3 months

June 2008 — September 2010

Avionics Technician

Tolmachevo Airport, Novosibirsk

Aircraft Line Maintenance

3 years 3 months

April 2005 — July 2008

Electronics Engineer

Institute of Automation and Electrometry (Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science) (Scientific Hi-Tech Equipment Production), Novosibirsk

• Printed Circuit Boards Computer Aided Design, product design engineering
• Work with the nomenclature of electronic components
• Writing of Technical Documentation



2006 г.

Сибирская Государственная Геодезическая Академия, Новосибирск

Faculty Прикладной Оптоэлектроники

Specialization Информационные Системы

Courses and trainings

A330 (PW4000, RR Trent, GE CF6) B1&B2 course Type Training

FL Technics, г. Москва

B777 (GE90) B2 course Type Training

Аэрофлот, г. Москва

Boeing 737NG B2 course

S7 Training, г. Novosibirsk

B1&B2 course differencies from B767 GE CF6 to B757 PW2000

Training Center "Aviator", г. Novosibirsk

B1&B2 course differencies from B757 PW2000 to B757 RR RB211

Training Center "Aviator", г. Novosibirsk

Boeing 767, CF6 & PW4000 engines B1&B2 course (type training)

Training Center "Aviator", г. Novosibirsk

CRJ100/200 B1&B2 course (type training)

Aircraft Engineering Training Solutions Ltd, г. Novosibirsk

ATR42/72 B1&B2 course (type training)

Sim Aerotraining, г. Novosibirsk

Avionics Maintenance, a/c type Yakovlev Yak-42

Aviation Educational Centre "KrasAir", г. Krasnoyarsk

Knowledge of foreign

English (Fluent)

Computer knowledge:


MS Office, installation and maintenance of operating systems (incl. Linux), CADs, Engineering Software

Driver licence:

Categories B (2006 г.)

 Other information about yourself, comments:

Module 9 (Human Factors)
Module 10 (Aviation Legislation)
EWIS, Fuel Tank Safety courses
Ground Handling Certificates to a / c types: A320, B777, Fokker 50


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